Frequently asked questions

The Basics

What is a DogSpot?

DogSpots are a first of its kind pet amenity - a high-tech and cozy house that sits outside of places where dogs aren't allowed. Combining dog-first design and the latest technology, DogSpots provide a safe and clean place for pups to hang out when their humans need to run into stores while they’re out adventuring together.

What are the features of DogSpots?

DogSpot shells are made of powder-coated aluminum. They are double walled and insulated. Inside, each Spot has veterinary-grade, non-porous plastic surfaces to keep germs at bay.

Featured technology includes: forced-air ventilation for fresh air, air conditioning for hot summer days, interior Puppy Cam to keep an eye on your pup, UVC sanitation light on a motion sensor to clean the house between sessions, an RFID Member Card reader, wireless network connectivity.

Safety features include: auto-shutdown if interior temperatures are unsafe, ability to remotely unlock the house in case a member’s phone dies, and they’ve lost their card, 8 hour backup battery in case of power outage, and two manual override keys so that, no matter what, a dog is never stuck inside.

Where are DogSpots located?

DogSpot is currently in 14 states across the U.S. and we envision a network of DogSpots in every walkable city. View locations here. DogSpots are strategically placed on sidewalks outside of businesses such as grocery stores, coffee shops, laundromats, nail salons, post offices, drug stores, cafes, restaurants, and museums.

How can DogSpots legally be on the streets?

Regulations vary city to city. Sometimes it means following guidelines, sometimes it means getting a license, or permits or registering with the city. Many DogSpots are located on private property so placements are at the discretion of the local partner. Our approach in each community is customized to the situation and we make consistent efforts to stay in communication with local officials throughout to ensure we are always compliant.

When will DogSpot be expanding to my city?

DogSpot is expanding to across the U.S. throughout 2019. Let us know if you want a DogSpot near you!

Membership Questions

Do I have to be a member to use DogSpot?

Yes, you must be a member to use DogSpot. You can become a member by signing up on the free app, or here on our website. Once you are signed up, you can run DogSpot entirely through the app. And we will send you your Member Card as soon as we have your address! Member Cards come in handy for lots of things, like having multiple dog parents or those pesky times when your phone battery dies.

How do I become a member?

You can download the app on IOS or Android, or sign up here on our website. Membership is free! In order to be eligible to use DogSpot, your dog must be current on their vaccinations and older than 6 months. We also require credit card information at sign up, but we only charge 30₵ a minute for sessions when you have them.

What happens when I sign up? What do I get?

Once you sign up, you can start using DogSpot immediately! You will receive an email after signing up, asking for additional information to complete your profile, like your address and any additional pet parents to add to the account. Once we have your address, we will send you a Member Card, which you can use in conjunction with or in place of the app.

Why do you need my credit card info to sign up?

DogSpot will not charge you upon registration. We store your credit card information for two purposes. Primarily, we need it for security reasons. Knowing each membership is connected to a real person allows us to ensure that everyone who uses DogSpot is a verified and responsible party. This way, no one leaves things that aren't dogs in a DogSpot, abandons dogs in a DogSpot, or damages the property significantly without being traceable. Secondly, we keep it on file so we can bill 30₵ a minute for any sessions.

Using DogSpot 101

How much does DogSpot cost?

We charge by the minute at just 30¢ a minute (prices may be lower at certain venues). So 20 minutes would be $6, etc.

Where can I find the app?

The DogSpot app is currently available on IOS and Android. (Or, if you have another kind of phone, you can always access the app via your web browswer at the web app.)

Click here to download from iTunes Store.

Click here to download from Google Play.

Do I need the app? What are its features?

If you do not have an iPhone or an Android, you can still be a member of DogSpot and access our network of smart dog houses by using your internet browser; it just won’t be quite as immediate to get set up. After signing up on the website, we will mail you a Member Card mailed to you which will allow you to access DogSpot houses without an app.

However, the app has several features that make it a convenient addition to DogSpot's service.

With the app, you can unlock and lock the house right from your phone without a Member Card.

The app features an interactive map where you can see DogSpots near you, remotely check their availability, and place a hold on a DogSpot up to 15 minutes in advance.

The app allows you to monitor your dog in the DogSpot by giving you access to real time information like the house temperature, session duration, and even a puppy cam so you can make sure your dog is doing just fine.

What if my dog barks or is anxious as I leave?

As with anything new to your dog, we encourage you to slowly acclimate your dog to the DogSpot. Try leaving your dog in the DogSpot for a short amount of time at first and build up to more time as needed. Utilizing treats, toys, and perhaps a blanket from home can also make the space feel more comfortable or pleasant for your dog.

Unfortunately not every dog thrives in every situation or environment. We leave it up to you to determine if DogSpot is a good fit for your dog.

We provide video and noise monitoring services, so we will notify you if it seems your dog is barking excessively or not responding well to the environment. You can also access the live puppy cam yourself to check up on your dog.

How long can I leave my dog in a DogSpot?

DogSpots typically have a maximum time limit of 90 minutes. In reality, current member data has the average DogSpot being around 15-20 minutes. Sessions are billed by the minute because it is intended to be used for short trips and should not be used as a substitute for doggy daycare.

How many dogs can go in a DogSpot at once?

Only one dog is allowed per unit unless you have two small dogs that are acclimated to being in small spaces together.

How does the technology work?

How big are DogSpots?

DogSpots are one-size-fits-most. It measures at 30”W x 33.5”D x 46.5”H and weighs around 200lbs. They were designed based on the specs of German Shepherd crate, and can accommodate dogs up to 100 pounds.

How do you regulate the temperature inside the Spot?

Each DogSpot is insulated, keeping the temperature inside comfortable for dogs in both the summer and winter. In the extreme summer heat, we have air conditioning, and in the extreme winter cold, we have heating. These features ensure that the inside of a DogSpot is always comfortable for your dog. If for some reason, the interior temperature of a DogSpot ever falls outside of the 32-80°F range, the Spot will go offline and will not be available for use until it's back within range. If the interior temperature ever starts to veer out of this range while your dog is inside, we will contact you immediately.

How do you keep DogSpots clean?

Our number one priority is your dog’s safety, health, and happiness. Each DogSpot has a UVC sanitation light that automatically sanitizes the house between sessions. This light kills bacteria, viruses (including parvovirus), molds, and pathogens. A motion sensor prohibits the light from turning on if there is any motion in the house, and DogSpot HQ manually checks the house via webcam to ensure vacancy before allowing the light to turn on. Each DogSpot is also cleaned by hand daily and as-needed if there are any specific issues as reported. We follow the same procedures as doggie daycares and boarding facilities, and we are compliant with all animal boarding requirements as stated by the NY Department of Health.

How does the Puppy Cam work?

The Puppy Cam is installed in each unit for the safety of your dog as well as your peace of mind. It is a live video stream that is only viewable on your app, or by us here at DogSpot HQ. It does require cell or Internet connection.

What if my dog gets stuck inside?

If your phone dies, you can use your Member Card to open and lock the Spot. If you lose your Member Card, you can call us at Member Services, and after verifying your identity, we can either remotely unlock the DogSpot or send someone to open it, usually within 30 minutes or less. We are available 24/7 at 800-617-4097.