Building Humane Communities

DogSpot is committed to supporting & creating environments that are good for both people and their dogs.

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According to the American Pet Products Association, 60.2 million U.S households include a dog. And our research shows that 97% of dog owners consider their dogs family members. Whether or not you anthropomorphize your pet or talk about them like they’re your children, dogs and owners are undoubtedly interdependent on each other. Their bond creates a mutual sense of altruism and companionship.

Research has shown that dog ownership improves human health in broad and impactful ways. Having a dog 1) decreases loneliness and stress, 2) helps us develop empathy, 3) keeps us active, 4) gets us out of the house, 5) provides a sense of security, and 6) teaches us responsibility.

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Dogs are catalysts for social interaction between people who might otherwise not interact. For example, think of the conversations you have in your neighborhood when walking your dog, at dog parks with other dog owners watching their dogs tumble around happily, or pet stores consulting with other dog owners about the best products. Dogs are a common ground for conversation with strangers and if you watch the faces of passersby when you’re walking your dog, you will see evidence of the joy they bring.

Contrast that with the consequences of the many places in our neighborhoods and cities that are not dog-friendly. With 60% of stores not allowing dogs, most people choose to leave their dogs home, which is fine enough but has some unintended consequences like missing out on all the benefits above (not to mention less socialization and exercise for your dog). Many residential buildings and homeless shelters also prohibit pets, which reduces dog adoption rates and increases homelessness for people who would rather live on the streets than without their pets.



“What I love most about DogSpot is that it provides actual solutions to problems that impact all people, not just pet owners. DogSpot is a solution to keep pets safe and comfortable when an owner can’t bring them inside; it’s a solution for property managers when they need to remove an uncontrollable service animal; it’s a solution for employers who want to implement a pets-in-the-workplace program. The pet dens keep people and pets protected and increase social cohesion by allowing neighbors to interact with each other more often. DogSpot is part of building a humane community for people and pets.” — Abby Volin, Founder & President of Opening Doors and former Public Policy Specialist at Humane Society of the US

"DogSpots are not only adorably cute, but so useful for dog owners... Just as you wouldn't enjoy being exposed to the elements for too long, this provides your dog a comfortable and safe hangout spot while you get your errands done." — Dr. Lisa Lippman, NYC’s Premier Veterinarian

"Since Ollie is committed to helping pets live healthier, better lives, we love that DogSpot is helping pups stay safer, too, with their smart dog houses." — My Ollie

“Pet harbors enable animal guardians to spend more time with their pets, and make it easier for pet owners to run errands and go about daily life accompanied by their pets. As such, they decrease barriers to pet ownership. Additionally, pet harbors would offer a safe and secure alternative to tying up a dog and leaving it unattended.” — Jane Hoffman, Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

"We appreciate DogSpot’s commitment to dog safety and wellness." — Garry Osgood, President of FIDO Brooklyn

"We support DogSpot in our shared belief that dogs should never miss an opportunity for a walk but should also never be left tied up — both go hand in hand!" — Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

“We think DogSpots are wonderful additions to the dog-owning population. At MHS, we are huge advocates for creating dog-friendly communities, and your product truly endorses that same vision.” — Genevieve Rogalla, Michigan Humane Society

“In the city, I see too many dogs tied outside stores. Not only is it unsafe for these tied dogs, who can be stolen or get loose and run into traffic, it also makes it difficult for for passing pedestrians — human or canine — who are scared of dogs. DogSpot keeps everyone safe and happy!” — The Broke Dog

"I love the DogSpot. We all want to spend more time with our pets, and now with DogSpot, there's a safe and secure place to leave your dog outside a convenience store or a coffee shop while you run inside." — Steve Dale's Pet World

“DogSpot is an indication of something exciting: The acknowledgment that dog-friendly communities are important to the well-being of people and pets.”Bethany Wynn Adams, Animal Sheltering Magazine published by The Humane Society of the US

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