To our OG Dog Parker family (that’s you, Brooklyn)

We are so disappointed to confirm that due to a recent action by the Department of Transportation, Dog Parker is no longer permitted to operate on public space in New York City at this time. As of Friday, February 2, we removed all Dog Parker houses from their spots in Brooklyn. 

Unfortunately, in recent weeks, the Department of Transportation’s regulatory processes about sidewalk fixtures and space utilization became newly aggressive and the bureaucratic barriers became insurmountable for Dog Parker in the short term. We are proud of many of our accomplishments, in particular:  that the actual houses safety was never at issue, that we painstakingly abided by all written city regulations at every step, that we have the support of many other city officials, and that we did not receive a single violation or 311 complaint in more than two years of being a part of Brooklyn’s cityscape. Despite this, the NYC DOT threatened to remove and impound Dog Parkers from Brooklyn’s streets, so we had to make a difficult call.

Removing those houses made us cringe, but only because of you guys (our members, your dogs & our store partners)... We have felt your love in this city, and we know how many of you made Dog Parker a part of your routines. Dog Parker did what it set out to do: make life as a dog owner in the city a little easier. And we’ve delighted so much in making that possible. (Especially because of all the puppy naps and wagging tails we got to see on the Puppy Cams. Thank you for that.)

All of that said… we are not finished!



We started this whole doggone adventure because of our deep, unwavering passion for making cities better for people and their furry family members, and we are only emboldened by this recent setback. We’re more motivated than ever to be at the forefront of the pet-friendly movement. As you well know, there are already enough inconveniences and necessary limitations to having a dog in the city -- not having a way to safely bring your dog on your neighborhood walks does not need to be one of them!

We have been advised by lawmakers and city officials that if (and when!) we make some noise as a community, we can make this right. So if you liked using Dog Parker, think it’s a good idea, and/or want to be a part of the growing movement to make your city a good place to have a dog, please let us know! 

In the meantime, we will continue our plans to expand Dog Parker to other cities across the U.S. We already have significant traction and aren’t running into the same regulatory issues elsewhere. As proud New Yorkers, we really hope to keep NYC at the forefront of urban innovation. So as much as we’re excited about Dog Parkers in every city, we can’t wait to be back in our hometown.

Let’s do this New York City. These streets may be mean, but they are walked upon by some of the best people in the world. Let’s keep fighting together to make them dog friendly too.


With love and hope for a Brooklyn relaunch very soon,

Chelsea, Todd, Randy, & Alex

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