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How wonderful that your dog-loving guests can now stop by without having to worry about their dog’s safety and well-being. Your business will be featured on DogSpot’s map on our website & app, newsletter, and on our social media!

Please let your visitors know that you are committed to being dog friendly with DogSpot. Here are a few suggested captions (below) for when you post about DogSpot on your social media pages! Edit as appropriate per your own brand guidelines.

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Sample Facebook Post 1:

Dog lovers unite! We wanted to get serious about being dog friendly, so we got ourselves a DogSpot. Now you can stop by with Fido, guilt and risk free. Love you guys and your little furbabies!

Sample Facebook Post 2:

Excited to announce a new partnership with DogSpot. We wanted to make sure we were the dog-friendliest business around, so we partnered with them to give your pups a much better place to wait for you than the sidewalk. DogSpots are spacious, lockable, temp-controlled, self-sanitizing dog houses that also have a Puppy Cam so you can keep an eye on them while inside. Dogs love it so we do too! Come on by.

Sample Facebook Post 3:

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with DogSpot. Now you can bring your dog when you visit us, and enjoy peace of mind that your dog is safe and sound in their cozy sidewalk sanctuary. DogSpot has heated floors + a puppy cam (!!) so you can keep an eye out on your pup while you step away. Download the app now and start using it

Sample Instagram Post 1:

For health and safety reasons, we can’t invite your beloved pups inside, but we love them we do! In an effort to be as dog-friendly as possible, we partnered with @dogspot to give pups a safe and cozy place to wait while you stop in. See you soon!

Sample Instagram Post 2:

Our new @dogspot is here! Now you can come out with your dog in tow without having to risk leaving them in the car or tied up outside. We love our guests so we take care of their dogs! Simple as that.

Sample Instagram Post 3:

We’ve had dog treats and a water bowl for a while but now we’ve really upped the dog-friendly ante! Pleased to announce our new @dogspot. Even though we still can’t allow dogs inside, we have set aside a cozy and secure place for them to wait for you while you stop in. Come check it out!

Sample Instagram Post 4:

We are proud to invest in making our city a safer and friendlier place for dogs. Check out our new @dogspot. The high-tech house was created *by* dog lovers *for* dog lovers to provide a safe place where your dog can wait while you stop in. DogSpot has A/C, heated floors and self-sanitizing technology too, so your dog is in v good hands!

Sample Tweet 1:

GUYS. We got a @dogspot! We wanted to offer a safe & cozy place for Fido to wait while you come inside. #DogFriendly

Sample Tweet 2:

Check out the new sidewalk sanctuary for dogs at our store! We partnered with @DogSpot so you can bring your four legged friend with you and let them safely relax in this cozy home away from home while you visit us! #DogSpot

Sample Tweet 3:

We’ve made it easier for you to bring your “furiend” out with you by partnering with @DogSpot. These smart sidewalk sanctuaries are equipped with A/C, a heated floor, and a puppy cam which will keep you and your puppy at ease while you visit us! #dogfriendly


Dog owners are very passionate so with some of these social media posts you might get “troll” comments (negative comments typically associated with unhappy, uninformed, universally critical people). But don’t worry we know how to deal with this kinda thing! We have outlined possible troll comments below and how to answer them.

Possible Comment 1: I would never put my dog in this! / This is a terrible idea

No pressure to use DogSpot for your dog, it may not be for you and that’s okay! Research shows that dogs are happiest when they either have freedom to explore or the safety of enclosure. DogSpot consulted with vets, animal behaviorists, and dog trainers when designing the house and are happy to report that dogs respond really well to the thoughtful environment that DogSpot provides.

Possible Comment 2: What if it overheats / is there AC / looks like an oven or appliance

DogSpots are temperature controlled and equipped with temperature sensors, air conditioning, heaters, and a ventilation fan. All of this makes it possible for internal temperatures to be comfortable for dogs. PLUS there’s a live read on the interior temp on the DogSpot app!

Possible Comment 3: What if they go potty inside / who cleans this / germ factory

DogSpots are auto-sanitized after each session and cleaned by hand daily using a vet-grade cleaner! No dog yet has gone potty in the house but if/when one does, there is a team on-hand that will clean the accident.

Possible Comment 4: Gentrification concerns / capitalism / why not homeless people

DogSpot is committed to promoting dog safety in an affordable way. DogSpot wants to make it easier to be a dog and have a dog in this world, which means more adopted dogs and healthier, happier communities.