Attract more customers with a dogSPOT


Welcoming dogs is better for business

If your business is prohibited from allowing dogs inside, DogSpots are available to untie your hands. Forget the days of turning away dog owners and losing business every day. Consider placing a DogSpot outside your storefront and instantly become a dog-friendly establishment. It's much cooler than having a water bowl outside...pun intended.

A DogSpot satisfies everyone's needs

The DogSpot becomes an added benefit to you because it minimizes the risk of damaged goods and public health liabilities. These benefits are passed along to your customers who seek a safe place to house their dogs while they're inside your store.  Best of all, the dog has a comfortable and cool place to relax, free from the dangers of being tied up.


Ready to take your water bowl efforts to the next level?



Grow walk in traffic

Place one of our secure, temperature-controlled and vandal-resistant smart dog houses, and in just a matter of days you'll start to better serve dog-owning customers.


Increase revenues

Try DogSpot with our free trial offering and see more customers stroll through your doors daily. There's nothing to lose, only new customers to win.


Reduce your liability

With free installation, maintenance, and insurance, we take on any risks so you can stay focused on what you do best.


Earn customer loyalty

Choose one of our multiple service plans with customizable benefits to meet your retail needs. Win the reputation of being the friendliest, dog-lovingest shop on the block.


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